Northfield, page 3
Bricks - 1st Floor - The Masonry Stove
3/3/00 - 6/7/00
Look down at the top of the fireplace base on the first floor.

<-- Looking north.
The tile coming in from the bottom and splitting in a 'Y' to
those two tiles with slots cut in them is the fresh air intake
from outside through a vent in the side of the house.  The
center upright tile is the ash dump to a cleanout door in the
basement.  The farther upright tile is the flue from the
basement wood stove thimble.

Looking down from the second floor.  South is up -->
Smitty's back and we'll now be working on the first floor.  We took a break to let the builders get the house enclosed and
roofed so that we could work freely without getting in anyone's way...
Ready for roofing and windows
Looking from south
Roofing & siding on.  Starting to look
like a house!
Looking from east -->
Base of furnace finished on 2nd floor
(looking east)
Technically, it's the 1st floor.
(Note the taped panel insulation on the
walls over 2x6 studs @ 24" o.c. with 6"
of fiberglas insulation)
Assembling the masonry stove
The firebox is the lower hole.  The top of the firebox is shaped like an inverted funnel that channels the smoke and gases
from the fire through a slot in the base of the upper chamber.  The upper chamber serves as an expansion chamber which
allows the gases from the fire to burn even more.  From the expansion chamber, the fire passes through another slot in the
top of the chamber to enter the space above it.  From there the gases travel down both sides of the stove and are vented
out the bottom, allowing the heat to transfer throughout the stove.  When burning properly, no smoke comes out the
chimney and no creosote or tar is deposited inside the chambers, just a very fine dry ash.  It is an almost complete burn.  
During the first burns, the cardboard burns away leaving a space between the stove and the brick outside, allowing for
Furnace in place
Finishing up wall board
(looking SE)
Looking down from 2nd floor east side
Furnace in place
<-- Smitty bricking up furnace
(from east side)

Smitty bricking up furnace -->
Looking down from 2nd floor - east side
From east side, 2nd floor
It will sit on the scaffold until tomorrow
Furnace bricked in ready for granite slab
on top
(from SE corner 2nd floor)
Note oak beam
[on left] had to be moved
back 6 inches to make room for flue
Smitty cranks up the come-along to lift
the granite slab.
(from east side 2nd floor)
So he builds a scaffold to rest it on and
swings it over
(from 2nd floor looking down)
Note "Rube Goldberg derrick" on 2nd
Rollers under slab to roll it on top of
furnace (tomorrow when it will be
cemented in place)
Granite cap in place on top of furnace
(from east side)
This was pretty impressive.  I missed the whole thing - I was out in the driveway talking with someone.  Meanwhile, Smitty
backed his truck up to the porch (upper right) and rolled the slab into the house with a come-along and rollers made out of
broom handles.  He then rigged a beam spanning the opening in the 2nd floor and used the come-along to lift the slab
above the top of the fireplace.  Then he built a scaffold under it so that he could lower the slab onto it and roll the slab over
the top of the fireplace.  Just Smitty - no help.  We guessed the weight of that slab to be about 600 pounds...
Meanwhile, on the outside, the two 300 foot deep wells for the ground source heat pump have been drilled and the tubing
run.  The tubing will go into the basement where the heat pump will circulate a refridgerant through the wells, picking up the
50 degree ground temperature and using it to heat the house.  Or, if cooling, dumping the heat from the house into the
It ended up working really well!
Rapid progress on bricks around flues
Note conduit for damper in chimney
All cleaned up for party
Smitty finishing up bricks around flues
(looking down from 2nd floor east side)
Bricking around flues done - ready for
(looking down from east side)
flue on left from 1st floor, flue on right
from basement
Chris washing out wheelbarrow for
preparing "mud" (mortar)
Chris washing out wheelbarrow
for mixing mortar ("mud") on west end
of porch
bricks from where we have them stacked
My job during this time was to get the and
load them in my truck and back it up to
the porch.  There, I clean them and bring
them in for Smitty.  I also mix up the mud
so that Smitty can just keep on working.
Now things really start to get interesting...
Smitty cutting bricks for arch
(east end of porch)
Smitty spent a couple of days just
cutting bricks
Final design for "great arch"
(looking down from 3rd floor)
Note floor boards stacked in kitchen
area awaiting masonry work to be
Designing board for brick arch
Smitty drew up the pattern for the arch
on that sheet of plywood and used it to
figure out all his brick cuts and layout
Form for arch in place
(west side)
<-- North side of "great arch" in
(east side from 2nd floor)

North side of "great arch" -->
in progress
(from 2nd floor)
<-- 6/6/00
Form for arch in place (west side)

6/7/00 -->
East side.  Smitty starting the arch on the north
side.  Flue tile for right side on table in foreground.

Bricks taper from one brick height on the inside of
the arch to one brick width on outside of arch.  The
end of the outside brick is cut with a 45 degree
angle on it to meet a full brick on the outside face of
the arch, also cut with a 45 angle on the end to
match up.  All bricks are individually cut...
<-- Looking from 2nd floor west side.  This is a
good view of how the outside corners of the arch
are made up to two bricks on edge mitered together
at the corner

Looking from west side. -->
That's my Dad on the 2nd floor in the background