Welcome to Chrissy's World!
A photographic record of our explorations on the Big Island of Hawai'i.
This page started out as a way to keep friends and family updated on our life as we moved to Hawaii in March of 2006.  It
seemed easier than e-mailing pictures and letters to each individual!  
Google Earth has allowed me to illustrate just where we
were when the pictures were taken.  Since I got my GPS, in December of 2006, it's become an obsession to keep track of
where I am.  Now you know every move I make!

I am selling my photographs at another web site under the name of
Lei Photography (Garland = wreath of flowers = Lei, get
it?).  If you want to see larger versions of some of these photographs,
let me know.  If you wish to purchase hard copy of any of
these images, go to my page at
Lei Photography.  If you see an image here that isn't being offered there, let me know and I will
make it available.

I've found that the navigation bar at the top and bottom of the pages gets too long so I've broken the web space into multiple sections:

Photos 1 (3/6/06 - 6/3/06) Photos2 (6/16/06 - 12/14/06) Photos 3 (12/17/06 - 5/27/07) Photos 4 (5/28/07 - 3/3/08) Photos 5 (3/5/08 - 9/5/09)
Photos 6 (9/12/09 - 5/1/10) Photos 7 (5/6/10 - 4/18/11) Photos 8 (5/8/11 - 10/20/12) Photos 9 (
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I thought this was a fine
example of Hawaiian time:
It'll get done...
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The Adventures of
Christopher-Robin Garland in Paradise
Not my sentiment - I just thought it was funny!
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Bumper stickers
Back window of my Jeep Cherokee
Photo by Cathy Drew